How to Choose The Best Social Media Images

You must include images with your postings when you use social media for advertising articles, press releases, or any other type of marketing. Visual content can make or destroy your social marketing strategies more than ever before. 

There is definitely a good method and a wrong way to choose the perfect photo. Therefore it’s important to learn how to mix your campaign posts with the images that stand out. 

Stay relevant to your campaign:

New users of social media often assume incorrectly that all images are equal from the user’s perspective. True. The image you upload must correspond to the content of the post in order to avoid a conflict between the two key components of your social media campaign, whether you promote an article you’ve authored or a sale your business is having.

Make sure you have permission to use the images you choose:

Even though the internet has a culture of “free,” the majority of the photographs you’ll discover there are copyrighted. Although the fair-use doctrine permits some uses of these photographs, you need the authorization to use them for marketing reasons.

Dimensions and measurements are important:

However, I could create a whole article about the best image sizes for postings. It’ll save us some space and just focus on the top three social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. This way you can even learn how you can track your healthy habits at assessmentcentrehq.


Make sure the photos you want to utilize can be used, and then take some time to match them with the promotional posts you want to promote. The appropriate image will increase your overall reach and contribute to the success of your campaign. If it’s especially visually beautiful, it might even go viral.